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Anti-Ragging : University of Pune, Circular No. 170 of 2009 Page No 19

It is hereby notified for information of all concerned that in view of the Judgement and Order dated 11.2.2009 of the Hon. Supreme Court of India in the matter of the University of Kerala V/s the Council Of Principals of College in Kerala and Others, the following measures shall be taken to prevent raging in the

1. In the prospectus of the Higher Educational Institutions, it should be mentioned that if any incident of ragging comes k> Ihc notice ofllic aulnnriu concerned, Ihc accuse J Jiludcnt will be given an opportunity number of cases of ragging and punishment gi\ en hy tin: educational institutions in the previous academic

2. Anti ragginn com mil lees and squads to check uiii«.r.j> should be constituted and the names and telephone

3. Counseling sessions and orientation courses for senior and fresh students should be conducted. wide publicity to such punishments to act as a deterrent, strict enforcement of the various measures for preventing ragging.

5. Appropriiili- niiwj:i.'s rqziirding "zero tolerance" towards ragging should be incorporated in admission.

6. Audio- Vidto eiiTripaii-n should be undertaken at the commencement ol'lhe re« academic session to prevent ragging.

7. Efforts to publici/i: an J scmiti/c sliuknK regarding the mcnanec o fragging should be made.

8 Awareness amongst students through student unions about the had cfTetlsd ragging s.-iimldbe generated. suspend the student from the Institution and the hostt I. if.'.nv. pcndLiLi fml decision and «iv en opportunity motion. Welfare of the University, every six months. R-^ruinsi implementation of the measures taken by them to prevent ragging.

Ref. No.: sw/1429/09


Datc:2l 5.2009

1. The principal of Affiliated Colleges

2. The Heads of Recognized Institutions

3. The Heads of University Departments

4. The heads of Sections in the University Office

Anti-ragging Committee Formed On 2010-11 and in force till date
Sr.No. Name Position In Committee Department
Total 1 members