To arrange seminars on Personality Development, Communication and Presentation skill.To provide information related to scope of Pharmacy.

Guidelines oriented to preparation for various aspects of Jobs and Business.

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Library is the heart of an educational institute. This is the place where students study inaudibly and catch superfluous knowledge. The college has a rich and resourceful collection of books and journals of repute, updated regularly so that faculty and student can keep abreast of the recent developments in pharmaceutical sciences. It is fully furnished open access library with ventilated reading hall with maximum seating capacity for 60 students for their studies. It is provided with library ETH software and internet connection for online referencing. Total area of library is 150 sq. Mtrs. with separate staff reading room.

The library is regularly updated & it has latest titles. The library has the following features:

More than  2505 books selectively chosen for reading and reference.

Subscriptions for 12 National and 85 International Journals.

There are 150 numbers of titles of the books, 2505 number o volumes, 258 numbers of reference books, 2247 number of text books.

Total cost of books: Rs. 4,45,178/-

The library provides free internet access to the students and recently the college has subscribed for institutional membership of Developing Library Network known as DELNET facility, recommended by AICTE. DELNET provides students an online access to various national and international journals as well as various e-Books.

The library is open for access from 9:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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